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What is VSMT?

It is a form of medicine that bases diagnosis and treatment of disease on the spinal cord and vertebral column. When segments of the spine do not move, or do not move correctly, this can cause pain and diseases either locally or throughout the body. Adjusting the spine, the main thoroughfare of the nervous system, can help with the treatment of many diseases.

Is VSMT Safe?

It is considered very safe when administered by a qualified practitioner. Only licensed veterinarians and chiropractors are allowed to perform VSMT in the state of Wisconsin. Every animal is evaluated by veterinarian before having VSMT to rule out any problems that could be aggravated by manipulation therapy.

How Does VSMT Work?

During a spinal manipulation session, Dr. Ben Tegen will gently manipulate segments of the spine and other joints. If lack of motion or abnormal motion is found, an adjustment will be made. An adjustment is a high velocity, low amplitude thrust applied in a precise manner to restore normal joint motion.

How Does VSMT Affect the Body?

There is evidence that VSMT helps control pain by increasing positive nerve pathways and decreasing negative or pain pathways. Positive pathways help promote the release of "feel-good" chemicals in the body such as endorphins. VSMT can cause changes in organ functions because the nervous system controls all of the body's functions, including internal organs. This also demonstrates why VSMT should only be performed by qualified practitioners and always under the guidance of a veterinarian.

When Should VSMT NOT Be Performed or Performed With Caution?

  • Cancer
  • Organ Failure
  • Broken Bones
  • Dislocated or Sprained Joints
  • History of Seizures
  • Immune-mediated Disease
  • Acute Trauma

How Do I Know If My Pet Can Benefit From VSMT?

Your veterinarian can determine if further or alternative treatments may be beneficial to your animal's condition. They can then refer you to Dr. Ben Tegen. We encourage communication between referring veterinarians and our clinic. Our goal is to help your animal attain health and comfort.

How Long Does A VSMT Session Last?

An appointment can last between 15-45 minutes. Plan on longer sessions for fist time evaluations and equine appointments.

How Often Will My Pet Need Treatments?

Dr. Ben Tegen will design a course of treatment specifically for your animal and their condition. You should be prepared to commit to at least three treatments to correctly evaluate your pet's response to VSMT. Initially treatments are scheduled closely together. As your pet improves the need for VSMT decreases and sessions will become less frequent.

Conditions That Respond to VSMT

  • Lameness
  • Poor Performance
  • Muscular Changes
  • Head Tilt
  • Back Pain
  • Sudden Behavior Changes
  • Difficulty Following Commands
  • Incontinence
  • Overall Weakness

If you have any questions regarding VSMT or would like to schedule an appointment, please feel free to call the Athens Veterinary Service.





Certified Veterinary Spinal Manipulation Therapist

BEN TEGEN  -  DVM, Certified Veterinary Spinal Manipulation Therapist