Athens Veterinary Service

625 West Limit
Athens, WI 54411


Our Clinic!

Athens Veterinary Service, Inc. clinic photo

The Athens Veterinary Service is dedicated to providing the best health care possible for each of our patients. Individual services and focused attention is an essential ingredient for success!

With our state-of-art technology and equipment we offer early diagnosis and treatment. Client education and clear communication about our patients and your pets are at the forefront of treatment and care here. Customer loyalty is essential in serving the ever changing animal industry. We provide quality and compassionate care for the diverse animal population in central Wisconsin.

We also provide our clients and patients with a 24-hour 7 days/week emergency service.

Our clinic offers a variety of services ranging from small animal vaccine appointments to specialized equine surgeries.

Our small animal side of the clinic includes our exam rooms, treatment area, surgical suite, and our kennels for pets staying with us.

We also have an Equine wing which has 2 stalls with an additional surgical stall. There is also a Stock for teeth floating, preg checking and a variety of other procedures. We can also use this space to house bovine when needed.

Outside we have multiple paddocks to allow horses staying with us some time outside.

There is currently some construction going on for our new Equine facility expected spring of 2022!

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