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Care of Remains

Quality of Life assessment

We know it may be difficult to judge your pets well being, especially when they have both good days and bad. Emotions make it more challenging to objectively make this assessment. This assessment from Ohio State University is a tool we find helpful when making the very difficult decision about when it is time to euthanize a pet.

Click here to access the Quality of Life Assessment

Take Home Services

-Owner takes the pet’s remains home and is responsible for disposal. The pet will be sent home in a biodegradable burial bag, as pictured. 

Body bag

Cremation Services

Midwest Cremation Service: Click here to access their website

Communal Cremation-Multiple pets cremated together, no remains returned to owner, ashes spread at crematory property gardens.

Individual Cremation-Pets are separated in the crematory and ashes are returned to owner in an urn, scattering tube, or no urn.

Urn              Scattering Tube

Memorial Products-Paw Prints

Paw Print Mold           Paw Print Shadow Box

Additional Memorial Products can be found here

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