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Medical Services


There are times when a horse's disease or traumatic injury can be best treated here at our facility. Our equine wing has spacious stalls with safe rubber flooring where horses can benefit from daily examination and treatment by our doctors and staff. Two of the stalls are equipped with overhead fluid hangers for IV fluid treatment.

We have a specific surgery stall with a padded door to assist us in laying down larger horses under anesthesia in a safe and controlled manner. In addition, there are 6 large paddocks that are utilized for less emergent patients that can be turned out safely.

If your horse would benefit from more intensive therapies such as oxygen therapy, tracheostomy, or a sling (e.g. for neurologic horses that cannot stand) we will recommend and facilitate referral to a specialized facility.

Medical Treatment of Colic

Colic is often a life-threatening condition with many causes and different options for treatment. There are times when IV fluids, pain medication and repeat nasogastric intubation can relieve non-surgical colics. Medical treatment of colic can be accomplished at our equine facility. We have 2 stalls equipped for hanging IV fluids, stocks for repeat physical exams, and grass areas for walking and hand grazing. Our in-house blood analyzers give quick results and allow us to better assess your horse's condition and make changes as needed for their treatment. Abdominal ultrasound can be a very helpful diagnostic tool. Having a horse in the clinic allows for repeat examinations and quick referrals if your horse's medical colic becomes surgical.

Signs of colic can include rolling, kicking at their stomach, lying down, not eating, pacing, sweating without exercise, increased respiration and finally a bloated appearance. Please call as soon as possible if your horse is exhibiting any of these signs.

Neonatal Foal Care

The birth of a foal can be an exciting time where dreams are realized and hearts are stolen. Unfortunately foals are fragile and can become ill quite quickly. When things do happen or foals become sick, it is vitally important that they be seen immediately and access treatment as soon as possible.

Radiographs and ultrasound are often used to evaluate foals and direct our course of treatments. More advanced treatments such as splinting legs, joint flushing, umbilical hernia repair, and IV plasma transfusions can be given in our clinic on a daily basis.

If you think your foal is not quite right, or obviously sick, please call immediately.


The Athens Veterinary Service has access to a 1 meter endoscope. This is for the evaluation of the upper respiratory tract of the horse. Conditions commonly diagnosed or treated with endoscopy include:

  • Chronic nasal discharge
  • Ethmoid Hematomas
  • Guttural pouch mycosis
  • Guttural pouch empyema
  • Left laryngeal hemiplagia or "Roaring"

Endoscopy must be performed under sedation and in restraining stocks for the safety of the horse, staff and equipment.

Veterinary Spinal Manipulation Therapy & Rehabilitation

Be sure to check out VSMT by our very own Dr. Ben and Rehab services by Morgan with M.A.D. Rehab.