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Preventative and Wellness Exam

Current recommendations from the American Assoc. of Equine Practitioners is to have your horses fecal egg count determined. By determining this with a fecal sample a specific schedule of dewormers can be used to best protect your horse and others in the pasture.

A fresh fecal sample is needed for testing. Samples taken should be either brought in fresh or refrigerated for no more than 12 hours in a Ziploc type bag.

If you have any questions on this test please call.

Nasoacrimal Duct Flushing

Some horses have chronic eye discharge that can be relieved by flushing their nasolacrimal ducts. These ducts can become clogged due to dust and allergies. Flushing these ducts can be done easily once a horse is already sedated for oral exams and floating. Eye discharge can also be a result of corneal ulcers, uveitis and glaucoma. Please call if you notice more than average discharge, or discharge associated with pain and/or inflammation.

Vaccine Recommendations (Horses >1yr old)

Vaccine Recommendations (BROODMARES)

Vaccine Recommendations (Foals up to one(1) year of age)